Masters’ Thesis

My Masters’ thesis focused on carnivorans and creodonts and how they overlapped in niche space during Eocene North America. By looking at species from the same sites at the start and the end of the Eocene, I examined how they shared niche space and how that changed during the epoch.

In the first chapter of my thesis, I compared different methods of predicting the diets of modern carnivorous mammals. I had the idea for this chapter after my 3D scans were delayed due to COVID19. By testing the methods I was going to use versus the methods I had to use due to COVID, I had a better idea of which one worked better for my research.

In the second chapter of my thesis, I looked at localities from the start and the end of the Eocene. I wanted to know how carnivoramorphans and creodonts that lived in the same place at the same time shared (or partitioned) niche space, using dietary and locomotory metrics. I found that niche overlap decreased, probably because of the changing climate.