dinoshirt selfie.jpgI’m Brigid Christison, a palaentologist and palaeo- historian. I recently obtained a Masters’ in Biology at Carleton University. My thesis was on carnivorous mammals and how they shared niche space during the Eocene.

As a freelance writer and science communicator, I write about the historical aspects of palaeontology. I am the founder of PalaeoPoems.com, a poetry anthology project where I track down historical poetry written by palaeontologists (&co) about their field. I just love finding these poems about palaeontology, since they help capture the wonder that we’ve all felt when contemplating nature and deep time.

Some of my freelance writing has been on the intersection of science and gender. For LadyScience.com, I’ve written about gender stereotypes, and how they’ve been projected onto animals like lions and T. rex. I’ve also written biographies for TrowelBlazers.com on Canadian women in geology and palaeontology.

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