dinoshirt selfie.jpgI’m Brigid Christison, a Masters’ student in Biology at Carleton University. I study extinct carnivorous mammals to try to figure out their diets and how they shared niche space. My focus is on species-level niche overlap and how it’s changed throughout Eocene North America.

On the side, I do research on the historical aspects of Canadian Palaeontology and on Women in Canadian Palaeontology. Dr. Alice Wilson, the first woman in Canada to work as a professional geologist and palaeontologist, inspires me every day.

My big side project right now is tracking down historical poetry written by palaeontologists (&co) about their field. I just love finding these poems about palaeontology, since they help capture the wonder that we’ve all felt when contemplating nature and deep time. Check it out at palaeopoems.com.

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